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CDK Weekly - Lambda Hotswap🔥

Two CDK versions were released. The first brought a warmly-welcomed 'hotswap' feature for speeding up local development. The second brought a slew of feature changes, some new L1 and L2 constructs, and more work on the new assertions testing library.Happy b...


CDK Weekly - CDK Docs, custom resources and pipeline security

Hi all 👋,hope you had a great weekend.This edition starts with a question from Rico from the AWS CDK team. He is asking for your help with the CDK docs.If you could write down every time you use the CDK docs and just make a small note of what you looked for...


CDK Weekly - Issue #33

Hey everyone! It's been a little quiet on the CDK front which is why there hasn't been a newsletter in a while.But here we are with a little content for you. We're working to get these out more often and packed with content.


CDK Weekly - Big Data with CDK & EKS Quickstart in Python

Hi all 👋,the past weeks brought us the release of AWS CDK v. 1.110.0 and tons of new community content.Check out Damons Big Data Stack with CDK to learn how to build an Apache Spark environment on AWS using Amazon EMR and Amazon EKS.AWS also released an EKS...


CDK Weekly - VSCode Remote Server and CDK for Terraform 0.4

Hey all, it's time for issue #31 of CDK Weekly.This week we have some fantastic community highlights for you, with the spotlight on Mike's remote VSCode-server and Henrique's Master dissertation project.On the vendor side, we congratulate Hashicorp for rele...


CDK Weekly - Issue #30

Matt Coulter and the Open Construct Foundation put on CDK Day 2021 on April 30th.The Construct Catalog ( is getting a major overhaul and dedicated development. Please check out the Github project and contribute any way you can.


CDK Weekly - Issue #29

It's been a little while. Sorry for the delay. There's been a lot of activity so please take your time to read through it all.Big announcements include CDK v2 RC! Please check it out and provide feedback to the CDK team if you run into issues.


CDK Weekly - Pipelines, Super EKS & IAM Live

Heya - it's the 28th issue of CDK Weekly. Both, AWS CDK and cdk8s are approaching new major versions. With AWS CDK having released another 2.0 alpha version earlier this month and cdk8s with a beta for a 1.0 release. CDK for Terraform saw another minor vers...


CDK Weekly - Open Construct Foundation, CDK Day & Terraform CDK Office Hours

Heya, it's been a while since our last newsletter and lots of things happened in the meantime. First and foremost, this newsletter will be continued under the umbrella of which is a community driven project governed by the "Open Construct Foundation...


CDK Weekly - AWS CDK, Amplify & AppSync

Heya - we're back with the 26th issue of this newsletter. It's great to see that the Slack crossed a 1000 members recently. If you haven't joined yet, checkout our website.There are a few interesting resources around AWS CDK, Amplify & AppSync i...


CDK Weekly - ECS Extensions & CDK Day

Heya - let's dive into the 25th issue of this newsletter. We've seen a new release of AWS CDK (v1.65.0) with lots of bug fixes and new features. CDK8s has gained full Java support and jsii Golang support is one step closer with the recent v1.13.0 release.CD...


CDK Weekly - Scalable GraphQL APIs & AWS CDK Deep Dive

Heya - let's dive into the 24th issue of this newsletter. We've seen a new release of AWS CDK (v1.64.0) with lots of bug fixes and new features.CDK Day is almost here, there have been more than 2000 signups already and you can still grab your ticket today.C...


CDK Weekly - Record AWS API Calls & Build a Platform

Heya - after a short break last week, let's dive into the 23rd issue of this newsletter. We've seen a new release of AWS CDK (v1.63.0) with lots of bug fixes and new features around App Sync. There's also a new version of CDK8s (v0.28.0) with mostly bug fix...


CDK Weekly - Render Farm & Serverless Stacks

Heya - let's dive into the 22nd issue of this newsletter. We've seen a new release of AWS CDK (v1.62.0) with lots of bug fixes and new features around EKS and RDS. With the new Terraform CDK release (0.0.17), support for pre-built providers was introduced a...


CDK Weekly - Go, Go, Go

Heya - time for the 21st issue of CDK Weekly. Yesterday, the first draft of Go code generation landed in Jsii v1.12.0. It's experimental and there's still no actual runtime support, but it's nevertheless a remarkable milestone. If you want to keep track of...


CDK Weekly - Jamstack, Serverless & CDK Day

Heya - time for the 20th issue of CDK Weekly. The CDK Day 2020 is going pretty strong. There are 600+ signups already and the first talk proposals are in. You can still submit your talk proposal until the 26th of August and get your tickets of course.As fol...


CDK Weekly - CDK Day 2020 &

Heya - time for the 19th issue of CDK Weekly. We've seen a new release of the AWS CDK (v1.58), CDK8s (v0.27.0) and the Terraform CDK (v0.0.14) with support for Terraform 0.13.I'm super excited about the community driven CDK Day 2020, which took shape over t...


CDK Weekly - Discussions, Expenses & a Static Website

Heya - time for the 18th issue of CDK Weekly. We've seen a new release of the AWS CDK (v1.56), Terraform CDK (v0.0.13) and JSII (v1.10.0) within the last week.Yesterday, Matthew announced an alternative place to have discussions around the CDK. I'm keen to ...


CDK Weekly - Secrets, Distribution & Happy Hour

Heya - time for the 17th issue of CDK Weekly. We've seen a new minor release of the AWS CDK (v1.55.0) with a Lambda Python construct and more features & bug fixes.Other than that, there's something around handling secrets in ECS Fargate, building Constr...


CDK Weekly - Go, Punchcard & Terraform

Heya - time for the 16th issue of CDK Weekly. There's been a few releases of the AWS CDK (v1.54, v1.53, v1.52) within the last week and it looks like there was some bug fixes and significant work around RDS happening. There's an open RFC Pull Request to sup...