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CDK Weekly - Constructs, DynamoDB and Lambda@Edge

CDK Weekly
CDK Weekly - Constructs, DynamoDB and Lambda@Edge
By CDK Weekly • Issue #12 • View online
Heya - time for the 12th issue of CDK Weekly. Great to see that Step Functions are continuously being improved - find details in the most recent AWS CDK release 1.47
This week the AWS Solutions team launched their own Constructs library. The first 25 patterns which have been launched, look quite interesting. Keen to see where they’re going with this.
Find even more Construct Pattern Libraries, DynamoDB streams, a Cloudfront Image Resize Proxy and more in the curated links below.
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Blog Posts
AWS Solutions Constructs – A Library of Architecture Patterns for the AWS CDK | Amazon Web Services
How to use AWS CDK with AWS SSO & Profiles | Mats Cloud
Using DynamoDB Streams to sync back to your old database - DEV
I’ve recently launched a related job board to formalise this section a bit. Please check it out for more information about posting a job here.
Open Source Radar
GitHub - skorfmann/cloudfront-image-proxy
GitHub - awslabs/aws-solutions-constructs
GitHub - cloudcomponents/cdk-constructs
GitHub - cdk-patterns/serverless
#awscdk 1.46.0 introduced the L2 constructs for AWS Global Accelerator. You can add any supported services in to the endpoint group with the new add* methods. See how it works with the ALB load-balanced Fargate service in this demo. Let's get everything accelerated! 🚀🔥🔥
Daniel Schroeder 🦠
IAM Floyd's downloads after 24 days:

Python: ~1700
Node.js: 859
.NET: 718
Java: 0 😂

Java is exactly what I expected. Totally surprised by the Python and .NET numbers though. 😮
Sebastian Korfmann
What's your experience with refactoring IaC and AWS CDK in particular? Anyone solved this properly yet? #aws #cdk #awscdk #iac
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