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CDK Weekly - ECS Extensions & CDK Day

CDK Weekly
CDK Weekly - ECS Extensions & CDK Day
By CDK Weekly • Issue #25 • View online
Heya - let’s dive into the 25th issue of this newsletter. We’ve seen a new release of AWS CDK (v1.65.0) with lots of bug fixes and new features. CDK8s has gained full Java support and jsii Golang support is one step closer with the recent v1.13.0 release.
CDK Day was a pretty huge success, with 3000+ people who signed and a peak at about 1000 live viewers across all the streaming platforms. Fantastic talks, great moderation by the hosts and an awesome job to put this all together by the CDK Day Committee. Can’t wait for the next iteration.
Other than that, there’s been the developer preview of ECS extensions, which looks super interesting. I think that’s a perfect example for why the AWS CDK gained so much traction over the last year. See the official announcement post below, and an example by Nathan Peck.
In further news, the Slack has now 700+ members thanks to the push through CDK Day! I hope we’ll be able to grow this even further and really make it the unified place for all things CDK.
Last but not least, Matthew Bonig put together the Q3 AWS CDK community survey.
ps: Any questions or content suggestions around the CDK? Just hit reply or ping me on Twitter :)

Blog Posts
Amazon ECS extensions for AWS Cloud Development Kit now available as a Developer Preview
Announcing Java support for cdk8s | Amazon Web Services
I’ve recently launched a related job board to formalise this section a bit. Please check it out for more information about posting a job here.
CDK Day Full Video
CDKDay Full Video
CDKDay Full Video
Nathan Peck
🚀 The developer preview of ECS service extensions for AWS CDK is here! I've been working on this for a couple months, to make a better experience for deploying ECS architectures like AWS App Mesh service mesh, or X-Ray tracing:
Matt Coulter

eventbrite can show you on a map where all the people roughly came from who signed up for @cdkday

Our first ever GLOBAL CDK Day!!! @Liberty_IT is in there somewhere

If you missed it catch up now -

@edjgeek SAM and Pancakes are global super stars!
Eli Polonsky
Attention all AWS Elasticsearch users, AWS CDK now has an L2 construct for provisioning elasticsearch domains :)

Check it out and let us know what you think!

#awscdk #aws #elasticsearch
Sebastian Korfmann
We've just merged the new design for @cdkdev_, just in time for @cdkday. I'm super happy with the outcome and many thanks to @win_bv for helping to make it happen. Feedback and contributions more than welcome 🙂 #cdk #cdktf #cdk8s #awscdk
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