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CDK Weekly - Go, Punchcard & Terraform

CDK Weekly
CDK Weekly - Go, Punchcard & Terraform
By CDK Weekly • Issue #16 • View online
Heya - time for the 16th issue of CDK Weekly. There’s been a few releases of the AWS CDK (v1.54, v1.53, v1.52) within the last week and it looks like there was some bug fixes and significant work around RDS happening.
There’s an open RFC Pull Request to support Go as target for jsii and therefore all CDKs if you’re interested in providing feedback on this.
Other than that, there was quite a bit of community activity around the recent Terraform CDK launch, including blog posts and contributions to the Github repo. Besides from that, there’s a new Lambda construct based on Rollup.js without the requirement of Docker, WHOIS monitoring and a price checking tool. Find this and more in the curated links below.
ps: Any questions or content suggestions around the CDK? Just hit reply or ping me on Twitter :)

Blog Posts
Should You Use Typescript To Write Terraform? (The Terraform CDK) - DEV
Type Safe Infrastructure, Part 2 — GraphQL APIs with AWS AppSync. | by Samuel Goodwin | Jul, 2020 | Medium
The Journey from Terrastack to Terraform CDK - DEV
I’ve recently launched a related job board to formalise this section a bit. Please check it out for more information about posting a job here.
Open Source Radar
GitHub - vvo/aws-lambda-nodejs-rollup
GitHub - globbular/price-point
GitHub - MarkWarneke/cdk-typescript-azurerm-k8s
Elad Ben-Israel
@samgoodwin89 The way I like to think about this is that CDK is an object-oriented, imperative way to create *definitions* which declare the desired state for some system.
Steffan Norberhuis
@pogrebnyak There are benefits beyond programming in your familiar language. You building higher-level abstractions is easier. The IDE is more powerful. Developers build less monolithic IaC. The ROI of adopting #awscdk has been amazing!
Ian Mckay
Just added @awscloud #CDK for #Terraform support in That should help you get started quicker with this awesome new tool!
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