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CDK Weekly - Jamstack, Serverless & CDK Day

CDK Weekly
CDK Weekly - Jamstack, Serverless & CDK Day
By CDK Weekly • Issue #20 • View online
Heya - time for the 20th issue of CDK Weekly.
The CDK Day 2020 is going pretty strong. There are 600+ signups already and the first talk proposals are in. You can still submit your talk proposal until the 26th of August and get your tickets of course.
As follow up for last weeks announcement, I’m happy to say that we got our first major contribution by Joe - who’s now maintaining his CDK tools under the umbrella. Other than that, a bunch of people joined us in Slack sharing the same vision of building a unified CDK community and willing to help moving towards this goal. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome so far and looking forward to the next weeks :)
Beyond these topics, there was still a lot of other things happening. Just today, I came across e new Java based workshop for the AWS CDK and not one, but two blog posts, talking about the integration of AWS CDK into Serverless / Jamstack apps. Find this and more in the curated links below.
ps: Any questions or content suggestions around the CDK? Just hit reply or ping me on Twitter :)

Blog Posts
Full Stack Serverless - Building a Real-time Chat App with GraphQL, CDK, AppSync, and React
Coding the Jamstack missing parts: databases, crons & background jobs
Creating a Instance Scheduler using AWS CDK
Creating Kubernetes Cluster on Azure with Terraform and Python using CDK for Terraform
I’ve recently launched a related job board to formalise this section a bit. Please check it out for more information about posting a job here.
Call for speakers closes on 26th August, you are running out of time:

Don't miss your chance to tell your CDK story.

Amongst other areas, CDK covers Serverless, Kubernetes and Multi Cloud between AWS CDK, CDK8s and CDKTF

#cdkday #awscdk #cdktf #cdk8s
Sebastian Korfmann
Working on some basic Level 2 constructs for the Terraform CDK Github provider. It's coming together quite nicely. Blog post soon :) #cdk #cdktf #terraform #github
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