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CDK Weekly - Terraform CDK & Pipelines

CDK Weekly
CDK Weekly - Terraform CDK & Pipelines
By CDK Weekly • Issue #15 • View online
Heya - time for the 15th issue of CDK Weekly. For me personally the most exciting release of this week was the Terraform CDK. However, as core contributor to that project I might be a little bit biased :) Anyway, I’m super happy it’s public now and I’m keen about the feedback over the next days and weeks.
Besides from this, the CDK Pipelines got some buzz this week and are an official preview release. Again, this will be very useful particularly in more complex scenarios spanning multiple accounts and / or regions.
Find all this and more in the curated links below.
ps: Oh, and one more thing: I eventually got around setting up the CDK Weekly Twitter account - better late than never I guess :)
pps: Any questions or content suggestions around the CDK? Just hit reply or ping me on Twitter :)

Blog Posts
CDK for Terraform: Enabling Python & TypeScript Support
Install cdktf and Run a Quick Start Demo | Terraform - HashiCorp Learn
Introducing the Cloud Development Kit for Terraform (Preview) | Amazon Web Services
CDK Pipelines: Continuous delivery for AWS CDK applications | Amazon Web Services
CDK Patterns at 20! Let's Walk Through all 20 Serverless Patterns for AWS - DEV
Punchcard: building a Data Lake.. It’s been a while since I last posted… | by Samuel Goodwin
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Open Source Radar
GitHub - hashicorp/terraform-cdk
GitHub - Chriscbr/cdk-url-shortener
Richard H. Boyd
What's that you say? You just can't bring yourself to choose between @HashiCorp and #CDK ? Well, now you don't have to!!!
Nathan Peck
I'm very happy with my dev env now. I've got Visual Studio Code connected to a remote server via SSH. 36 cores of EC2 on tap whenever I want to run a build. The remote shell is right there next to my code, files sync on save, state is restored from the remote env on reconnect
Lets Build S1E02b Create HoneyCode Cloudwatch Dashboard and a Deployment Pipeline with CDK
Lets Build S1E02b Create HoneyCode Cloudwatch Dashboard and a Deployment Pipeline with CDK
💾📸 CodeShots - CDK - Lambda and EFS
💾📸 CodeShots - CDK - Lambda and EFS
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